Southwest Michigan vegetable production update

Cool, wet conditions continue to slow field activities.

Field activities in Southwest Michigan for 2011 continue to be delayed except on high, well drained, sandy sites. Most growers feel they are two to three weeks behind normal in site preparation and planting.


In terms of degree days this is the coolest spring of the last eleven. Over the past two weeks high temperatures have ranged from 39 to 67oF and lows from 34 to 49oF. Soil temperatures average in the low 50s. April had a total of 6.37 inches of rain.  This amount of rain combined with lack of heat and sunshine has inhibited soil drying and kept growers out of many fields.

Crop reports

Asparagus harvest has begun on a limited basis. Significant volume will not start until next week.

Peas are two to three inches high.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash and zucchini are being transplanted or seeded under low tunnels.  Growth has been slow due to lack of sunshine and heat.

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