SPDC welcomes Specialist – Teaching Laura Winter to the Interior Design program

Laura Winter will continue teaching for the Interior Design program in her new role as a full-time specialist - teaching.

Photo of Laura Winter.
Laura Winter, continuing specialist - teaching in interior design.

This fall, the School of Planning, Design and Construction (SPDC) welcomes Specialist – Teaching Laura Winter to the Interior Design program.

Previously, she was a part-time instructor for the program. Winter holds a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Michigan State University and a master’s degree from Illinois State University.

During her time as an instructor, Winter has balanced her professional career as an interior designer at Mayberry Homes with her academic career, emphasizing students' perceptions of LEED-certified buildings on college campuses. As a full-time instructor, she will continue teaching undergraduate interior design courses.

Winter said about her aspiration to continue teaching, “I have a strong desire to apply my skills to make a positive contribution to the design community and future generations of interior designers.”

Please join us in welcoming Laura Winter to Michigan State University and the School of Planning, Design and Construction!

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