Study food laws and regulations in China - online this summer

Learn in depth with an international team of experts on food laws and regulations in China. Join other food industry professionals as you pursue graduate training online, on your own schedule this summer.

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IFLR's Kris DeAngelo has put together a great team of international subject matter experts for this summer's online course on "Food Laws and Regulations in China."

The course runs from May 11 to August 13. 

Hear from these contributing subject matter experts:

  • Nicola Aporti, lawyer at the Chinese firm HFG Law & Intellectual Property
  • Martin McNeese, certified customs broker
  • Bernd van der Muelen, Director of the European Institute for Food Law and Professor of Comparative Food Law at Renmin University of China School of Law
  • Kuei-Jueng Ni, Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Trans-Pacific Partnership and Transnational Trade Laws at School of Law, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Topics covered include: 

  • Additives
  • Advertising
  • Articles 71-76
  • Claims
  • Contaminants
  • Cross-border trade
  • E-commerce
  • Food safety
  • Fraud
  • Good manufacturing provisions
  • Governance and food regulation
  • Hygiene
  • Import/export tariffs
  • Influencing consumers
  • Labeling 
  • Liability
  • Novel foods
  • Packaging
  • Pesticide residues
  • Processing requirements
  • Risk assessment
  • Special categories


Tuition for non-Michigan residents, including international residents, is $3,021.00  USD per 3-credit course. Tuition for Michigan residents is $2,357.25 USD per 3-credit course.

If you do not wish to earn academic credit and simply want to learn for "information only," the non-credit enrollment fee is $1, 695.00.

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