UFLA Vice Dean Visits Mozambique Officials

Summary of a Technical Visit of the Vice dean of the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA) Professor Rafael Pio and BHEARD fellow, Lucidio Fazenda to Mozambique, September 2018.

USAID courtesy meeting (L-R Rafael Pio, Lucidio Fazenda, Antonieta Nhammuso, Paula Pimentel)

In early September, BHEARD Scholar Lucidio Fazenda and his advisor and Vice Dean Professor Rafael Pio from the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA) visited Mozambique to participate in the II International Seminar, and interact with the different actors of higher education, agricultural research institutions and fruit producers with the objective of strengthening existing partnerships and identifying new ones. They also met with myself and Paula Pimentel, Senior Agricultural Research & Technology Transfer Advisor of the USAID Mozambique. 

Professor Pio spoke about the research work in fruit trees being developed in UFLA under his responsibility, having highlighted the quince, fambroeza, olivera and pear tree as the fruits of election in his research program. Given Mozambique's conditions in terms of climate and economic importance, pear would be the highest priority which justifies Fazenda's research work. Professor Pio noted that the partial results of his student's research are encouraging and that they would be presented in detail as a technical communication at the II International Research Seminar. Below are some of the images of Fazenda's experiments in Brazil.

 Pear Flowers

Figure 1: Pear Flowers

Pear Fruit

Figure 2: Pear Fruit

Pear Tree Not Adapted 

Figure 3: Pear tree not adapted to hot climate

Pear Tree Adapted

Figure 4: Pear tree adapted to hot climate

Pimentel gave a brief history of the USAID funding process for the students of Mozambique, highlighting the criteria used for funding the students. She also referred the selection of Brazilian universities, emphasizing the importance of their quality and accreditation. 

The visit continued as planned, participation in the II international research workshop in Maputo, where Professor Pio presented the research work developed on fruit trees in his university including Fazenda's research.



Antonieta Nhamusso is the BHEARD Program student coordinator for Mozambique.

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