The Michigan Forage Council is offering mini grants to farmers with forage-related projects in mind

If you have always wanted to try something new in forage production, storage or utilization, Michigan Forage Council mini grants might be what you're looking for.

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Mini Grant Cooperator test plot photo from 2018. Photo by Dick Divelbiss, Michigan Forage Council Member.

The Michigan Forage Council (MFC) is offering mini grants to farmers to conduct demonstrations and mini research trials in the areas of forage production, forage storage or utilization in Michigan. The MFC recognizes the valuable information that can be obtained from small scale on-farm trials and will consider funding up to $500 per request, with as many as three requests granted per year. 

Applicants must be members in good standing of the MFC, for more information on joining the MFC, visit their website. Applications must include a description and justification for the trial, the methods to be used to evaluate the results, as well as an itemized budget for the estimated expenses of the trial. To receive a copy of the application, or to ask more questions, please contact Jerry Lindquist at

Michigan State University Extension specialists, educators or other U.S.D.A. staff must be contacted to help develop and evaluate the trials. Successful recipients must complete a final brief report of the trial research results. Participants may be asked to present the results of the trial at the MFC Annual Meeting in March the year after the trial.  Proposals must be sent to MFC Secretary Jerry Lindquist at 15583 Ten Mile Road, Reed City, MI.  49677 by January 18, 2023.

The Michigan Forage Council is made up of farmers, MSU Extension Educators and Specialists, as well as industry representatives. Membership in MFC is open anyone interested in the promotion of forage agriculture; members do not need to be residents of Michigan. For more information on the Michigan Forage Council’s role in Michigan forage production, please visit:

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