The MSU FCCP receives Tinker Foundation award supporting Peruvian research project on forest conservation incentives

The Forest Carbon and Climate Program (FCCP) is pleased to announce an award received from the Tinker Foundation.

The Michigan State Forest Carbon and Climate Program (MSU FCCP) has been awarded a Tinker Foundation grant to support the project “Good for Forests, Good for People? Enabling Conditions for Scalable Success in Peru’s Conditional Direct Transfers Program." 

The Tinker Foundation seeks to promote equality, sustainability, and productivity for societies in Latin America. They are able to accomplish this mission by awarding organizations, such as the MSU FCCP, which work to address the challenges of regions in Latin America.

This project, led by Lauren Cooper, will have direct collaboration from the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment (MINAM) and two universities: Michigan State University (MSU) and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP). Rowenn Kalman (MSU Anthropology), Deborah Delgado (PUCP), and Cristina Miranda (PUCP) are co-leads. The project will be done both remotely and through fieldwork over the course of 18 months starting January 2021. By leveraging a working relationship with MINAM, researchers will transform enabling conditions into practical, measurable, and actionable criteria for adoption by the Conditional Direct Transfer program (TDC, in Spanish) team.  

The project aims to consider the persistent pressure anticipated on Amazonian forests for the foreseeable future by asking: How can the TDC be improved to achieve long-term conservation and development objectives with repeated engagements and scaling? The findings will be broadly applicable to other arms of government and other countries experimenting with incentive programs. 

SM forest restoration TDC _Peru
Lauren Cooper doing fieldwork in Peru.

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