The NEW Michigan Manure Hauler Certification Program is now live online!

Michigan State University Extension and Michigan Farm Bureau work together to launch the Michigan Manure Hauler Certification Program.

Manure injection into wheat stubble.
Manure injection into wheat stubble. (Photo credit: Charles Gould)

Michigan State University Extension (MSU Extension) and Michigan Farm Bureau (MFB) are pleased to announce that the Michigan Manure Hauler Certification Program has been officially launched online. This program is for farm owners and employees, as well as for-hire manure applicators (firms) in the state of Michigan. The goals of the program are to:

  • Prevent manure application problems before they occur. 
  • Increase nutrient management plan implementation. 
  • Improve professionalism among manure applicators. 
  • Demonstrate responsible manure application.
  • Increase the base level of manure management knowledge of all employees.

The certification program is comprised of three levels. Each level includes manure application equipment inspection and ongoing education. Farms and firms who complete Level 1 and are insured by Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance qualify for a 5 percent reduction on the liability and farm personal property sections of their insurance policy. Successful completion of Level 2 retains the 5 percent reduction plus other incentives. Successful completion of Level 3 increases the insurance premium reduction to 10 percent.

To get started, go to the Michigan Manure Hauler Certification Program website. Instructions on how to set up a MSU Desire2Learn account are found on the front page of the website, as well as complete details about the certification program.

It is important to note that if you are currently livestock systems verified with the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program, you have half of Level 2 completed (the other half is the manure application equipment inspection) and approximately 90 percent of the Environmental Management Systems Plan for Level 3 completed.  

Manure Management Summit

The Manure Management Summit will be held annually for all levels of certification to attend. The summit will cover regulatory updates, scientific and research updates, as well as other related manure management information. Participants will be expected to pass the knowledge check test at the end of the summit to maintain their certification.

Economic Advantage

The insurance industry is willing to offer significant premium discounts to firms and farms with a properly trained workforce and who follow through with program requirements. As an example, the manure applicator association in Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Extension partnered with the insurance industry to create a market-based incentive program to encourage for-hire manure applicators to participate in a training and certification program. The insurance industry prefers clients who are proactive and are willing to reward those who go above and beyond the basics with significant savings on their insurance premiums. Insurance industry data showed that “claimable incidences” by participating applicators dropped 80 percent in the first three years in the program in Wisconsin. Over time, through a proven track record of reduced risk and safer operations, Wisconsin for-hire manure applicators have been able to increase the discounts received through their program.

Benefits of the Program

The most obvious benefit is the insurance premium reduction. Perhaps more importantly however, the certification program demonstrates how animal agriculture is working towards environmental sustainability. The certification program creates a more positive perception of land application of manure as well as giving an element of credibility to manure applicators. Finally, it fulfills a request from Michigan livestock producers for a list of manure applicators who they can trust to apply manure responsibly and appropriately.

Questions about the certification program?

Contact MSU Extension experts Charles Gould at or (616) 994-4547; Erica Rogers at or (989) 875-5233 ext. 5296; or Sarah Fronczak at or (517) 439-9301 ext. 315.

Question for MFB should be directed to Tess Van Gorder (Ag Ecology Department) at or (517) 323-6711.

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