Updated cereal leaf beetle fact sheet

Fact sheet on managing cereal leaf beetle in small grain fields in Michigan has been revised for 2016.

Each year, I keep saying it gets a bit easier to find cereal leaf beetles in Michigan small grain fields. Last week, I visited a spring wheat field in central Michigan that was impressively damaged by cereal leaf beetles. The infested swath was two times the threshold at two larvae per flag leaf. In addition to marking areas to take yield later this summer, I took a lot of pictures and reviewed the old publications on this pest from the 1960s to revise my Cereal Leaf Beetle fact sheet. Keep this insect in mind for next spring, especially as Michigan positions itself to be a premiere wheat producing state.

View fact sheet at: Cereal Leaf Beetle

Dr. DiFonzo’s work is funded in part by MSU’s AgBioResearch.

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