Varietal susceptibility and chemical control of blueberry stem gall wasp in Michigan blueberries

Rufus Isaacs, a professor in the MSU Department of Entomology, is testing chemical controls and the susceptibility of blueberry varieties to stem gall wasp.

Researcher: Rufus Isaacs

Awarded: $39,600
Leveraged: $298,838

Blueberry stem gall wasp has become a damaging pest to the Michigan blueberry industry, causing yield loss and contamination risk. For this project, researchers determined the susceptibility of different cultivars, determined ways to integrate selective insecticides into existing integrated pest management programs, and worked to validate and improve a predictive model for timing controls against gall wasp. Growers were provided with vital information needed when making planting or replanting decisions. Researchers have also determined insecticides that can help reduce gall infestations in fields, giving growers options for existing fields that are susceptible to gall wasp. Michigan State University Extension programming to improve growers’ understanding of tactics for gall wasp control have included presentations at extension meetings, a new fact sheet and in-season announcements of gall wasp activity across the main production region.

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