Funded Projects


GR20-078 Burns, Erin Epidemiological assessment of herbicide resistant horseweed populations in Michigan field crops
GR20-061 Cassida, Kimberly Integrating Crop Production Systems with Lamb Grazing for Michigan
GR20-092 Chilvers, Martin Development and Validation of a qPCR assay for Pythium species
GR20-048 Chilvers, Martin Managing tar spot through improved irrigation timing
GR20-031 Einhorn, Todd The use of ABA to reduce bitter pit disorder of Honeycrisp apple
GR20-033 Fernandez, Rodney T Using Bioreactors to Remediate Nutrients and Pesticides from Runoff From Container Crop Production
GR20-050 Gut, Larry Management of BMSB using strategies to minimize insecticide use
GR20-058 Gut, Larry Management of San Jose scale in apple and cherry using pheromone-based mating disruption
GR20-035 Hausbeck, Mary Advancing monitoring and early detection of downy mildew in cucumbers using spore traps and molecular tools
GR20-090 Holm, Emily Developing Winter Preparatory Strategies for Winter Wheat
GR20-056 Isaacs, Rufus Improving biological control of spotted wing Drosophila in Michigan farms
GR20-059 Isaacs, Rufus Influence of extreme heat conditions on blueberry pollination and bee nutrition
GR20-082 Isaacs, Rufus Delivering timely IPM information to the Michigan grape industries
GR20-006 Kelly, James Combating new races of bean-anthracnose through genetic and genomic approaches
GR20-038 Malone, Trey Michigan Specialty Crops Consumer Survey
GR20-083 Miesel, Jessica Developing spectral libraries for predicting soil properties in Michigan
GR20-022 Miles, Timothy Modernizing extension resources for Michigan's blueberry industry to reach a wider audience
GR20-047 Rothwell, Nikki Verifying a prototype risk model to help growers manage SWD in Michigan tart cherry
GR20-029 Sakalidis, Monique Diversity, distribution and risk assessment of Phytophthora in wilderness and managed areas in Michigan
GR20-067 Sundin, George Shoot blight management with reduced rates of prohexadione calcium and ASM, and effect on pathogen movement in the tree
GR20-018 Szendrei, Zsofia Improving aster yellows management in Michigan celery and carrot fields
GR20-017 Werling, Benjamin Use of CA storage to improve quality retention and market value in asparagus spears
GR19-073 Willbur, Jaime Storage rot of sugar beet and influence of growing conditions on disease
GR20-070 Willbur, Jaime Integrated white mold management for specialty cropping systems in Michigan
GR20-071 Willbur, Jaime Development and deployment of a diagnostic workshop for the Michigan bean and beet industries
GR20-043 Wilson, Julianna Tactics for managing spotted wind drosophila by mitigating immigration from surrounding habitats