Funded Projects


Beaudry, Randolph M

Linking field conditions to internal browning of Honeycrisp

Bonito, Gregory

Micropropagation and truffle inoculation of disease-resistant Chestnut

Cassida, Kim

Nitrogen Cycling in Biodiverse Perennial Forage Mixtures

Chilvers, Martin

Evaluation of changes in pathogen virulence, host cultivar susceptibility, and seed colonization:  possible drivers behind the re-emergence of halo blight disease of dry bean in Michigan

Dong, Younsuk

Improving Agricultural Water Sustainability in Michigan through Irrigation System Assessment and Retrofit

Douches, David

Characterizing a Superior Stylar-based Self-compatibility mechanism for Cultivated Diploid Potato

Einhorn, Todd Charles

On increasing the efficacy of bitter pit-mitigating plant growth regulators

Fernandez, Rodney T

Bioreactors for Reduction of Agrochemicals in Agricultural Production Water

Fleming, Margaret

Pre-treatment of soybean seed for improved germination, seedling vigor, and cold tolerance under early-season planting

Garcia-Salazar, Carlos

Demonstration of biological control of the blueberry fruitworm complex and Drosophila suzukii (Matsumura) with the egg parasitoid Trichogramma platneri (Nagarkattiare)and Entomopathogenic nematodes

Haus, Miranda

Exploring the role of root developmental plasticity to plant pathogen resistance

Hausbeck, Mary K

A cucurbit downy mildew early warning network for Michigan's growers

Hausbeck, Mary K

Field Solutions for Carrot Petiole and Foliar Health in Conventional and Organic Systems

Hausbeck, Mary K

Identifying Alternate Hosts for Stemphylium can Protect Michigan Onions

Hollender, Courtney

The biological mechanism behind early and late apple sports

Holm, Emily

First line of defense: Influence of Winter Stresses on Winter Wheat Physiology, Yield, and Cuticular Characteristics

Isaacs, Rufus

Evaluating strategies to improve blueberry pollination

Isaacs, Rufus

Innovations in parasitoid wasp rearing to support biological control

Lavely, Emily

Biological control of Japanese beetle in the western and northern lower peninsula of Michigan with the host-specific pathogen, Ovavesicula popillae

Milbrath, Meghan

Prevention of honey bee bacterial brood disease – persistence and disinfection of Melissococcus plutonius

Miles, Timothy

Developing tools to understand and control stem blights in blueberry

Miles, Timothy

Molecular exploration of the microbial ecology of blueberry fruit development

Miles, Timothy

Novel control strategies and disease dynamics for cluster rot pathogens of grapes

Moran, James

A taxon-specific stable isotope biomarker for elucidating plant-microbe interactions

Ng, Perry

MSU-Conducted and -Coordinated Industry Wheat Evaluations for Wheat Quality Testing of Advanced Lines

Pennington, Dennis R

Expanding the Great Lakes YEN (Yield Enhancement Network) Regionally

Sakalidis, Monique L

Something old and something new- characterization, control, and education of two diseases in chestnut - chestnut blight and oak wilt

Singh, Maninderpal

Exploring winter wheat canopy architecture for variety-specific management strategies

Szendrei, Zsofia

Improving cucurbit pollination in Michigan farms

Tiemann, Lisa

Harnessing rhizosphere microbiomes to improve nitrogen use efficiency in soybean production systems

Vander Weide, Josh

Evaluation of the diversity of photosynthetic traits and thermotolerance in Vaccinium corymbosum (northern highbush blueberry)

Vander Weide, Joshua

Optimization of blueberry harvest time to preserve firmness and flavor using instrumental and sensory characterization

Willbur, Jaime

Investigate soil management practices to control Cercospora leaf spot in sugar beet

Willbur, Jaime

Investigate the use of impaction samplers and qPCR methods for detection of foliar pathogens in potato fields

Wilson, Julianna K

Developing a novel yeast-based insecticide to target spotted wing drosophila using RNAi technology

Wilson, Julianna K

Revisiting plum curculio management strategies and timing in pome and stone fruit

Wilson, Julianna K

Promoting overwintering success of Ganaspis brasiliensis, a new parasitoid of spotted-wing drosophila in Michigan