Water access for youth

Make sure youth are getting enough water each day and are staying hydrated.

Are your children getting enough water each day? What are the benefits of water? Is the drinking water you are providing them with safe? Michigan State University Extension will take a closer look at why it is important for youth to consume the proper amount to water on a daily basis.

Providing youth with safe drinking water throughout the day is a strategy that can create an environment where youth are not relying on sugar-sweetened beverages. This strategy also cuts down on the amount of bad calories that youth would otherwise consume through some type of sweetened beverage. Adequate hydration is important in improving the cognitive function in youth and adolescents during their development. Youth also need to drink water because it helps keep their joints lubricated, rids their bodies of waste and toxins, and helps them have healthy bowel movements. Because youth are very active water helps them maintain a normal body temperature and prevents dehydration. Youth need more water if they live in warmer climates, have a fever or have health issues such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Make sure the water that is provided is from an approved source, meaning that it is through the city municipal or treatment facility. Water from streams or rivers may contain contaminates or bacteria that would not be safe for consuming.

MSU Extension recommends these tips to help youth obtain proper hydration:

  • Make sure youth eat things such as melons, soups, fruits and other foods that are high in water content to help supplement fluid intake.
  • Choose water for your youth rather than sweetened beverages.
  • Provide your child with a water bottle to carry around to have access to water all day.
  • When eating out at a restaurant choose water for your child.
  •  Add fruit to water to enhance the flavor.
  • Youth should drink half their body weight in water each day.

Although water consumption is very important, make sure you let youth know exactly what the benefits of it are.

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