What can I plant to replace my storm-damaged tree?

Michigan State University Extension tip sheets suggest alternatives for trees lost to storms.

Cover of tip sheet.

Heavy ice storms that swept through Michigan in recent weeks resulted in widespread tree damage in many parts of the state. In some cases, damaged trees will require removal. For homeowners looking for suggestions to replace their trees or simply looking to add more trees to their landscape, Michigan State University Extension offers a series of smart tree tip sheets available through the Gardening in Michigan website as downloadable PDF files. These tip sheets highlight nearly 40 tree selections that are well-adapted to soils and climate in Michigan, and each tip sheet provides information on the basic tree characteristics, such as mature size and ornamental characteristics, as well as colorful photographs.

MSU Extension reminds homeowners that replanting trees helps to offset the loss of tree canopy cover of Michigan’s urban and community forests after storms. In addition, planting a diversity of trees is the most effective strategy to protect community forests from threats such as Dutch elm disease, emerald as borer and other exotic pests.

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