Where can you get pesticide applicator recertification by seminar credits in Michigan?

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s website lists upcoming pesticide applicator renewal seminar meeting dates and locations for private and commercial applicators by month.

In Michigan, pesticide use is regulated and pesticides are classed as general use or restricted use pesticides (RUP). General use pesticides can be purchased and used by anyone, and are generally considered safe if used as directed on the label. RUPs are pesticides that pose a significant risk to the applicator or the environment. People using RUPs are required to be certified before they can purchase or apply restricted use pesticides. They must have their certificate with them when purchasing and applying RUPs.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) grants applicators certification to purchase and apply RUPs after applicants pass an initial test. Pesticide Applicator Certificates are good for three years. Applicators can recertify by exam or by earning recertification by seminar credits. Many Michigan farmers have a Private Pesticide Applicator Certificate, allowing them to purchase and use RUPs on their farms. Commercial applicators often have one or more categories of certification depending on the crops or situations where they apply the pesticides. To recertify by seminar credit, Private applicators must earn 16 credits in the Private Core during the three years their certificate is valid.  Commercial applicators must earn 8 credits in the Commercial Core, and 8 credits in each category of certification.

Many MSU Extension meetings have Recertification by Seminar credits for RUP applicators available because the local MSU Extension educator has applied for these credits. Growers and other applicators who want to know which meetings have the credits and where the meetings are in Michigan can visit MDARD’s webpage that lists the meetings where they have granted what farmers have come to call “RUP credits.” Choose the month you are interested in and all of the sessions offered in the state are displayed. I find this a useful tool for finding local meetings organized by other MSU Extension educators and for finding meetings that have credits for specific categories.

Screenshot of MDARD webpage

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