Writing grants: The skill and the career

Writing grants is a skill to have for certain jobs, you can also have a career as a grant writer.

The Financial Dictionary (Free Dictionary) defines grants as “an amount of money given, usually by a government or nonprofit organization, to fund certain projects.” To receive grants, one must submit an application to the government agency or organization that is awarding the money. Writing grants is a competitive process and applications must stand out to receive the funds desired for the organization.

Grant writing is a good career skill to develop. Think about your future career relating to writing grants. Are you interested in working for nonprofits or organizations that help people? Are you interested in a career in education like a teacher, counselor, administrator or in an afterschool program? Can you see yourself working at a community center or a social services agency facilitating outreach programs? Are you interested in research? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Michigan State University Extension suggest that knowing how to write grants will assist you in your career. Grants are important because the more money that is received from grants equals more opportunities to facilitate programs, conduct research and expand on the positive impact in communities or society.

Did you know a person can make a career out of writing grants? In an article by Gail Sessoms, Demand Media, in the Houston Chronicle, grant writers can work for charitable organizations, colleges and universities, and as independent contractors or in other positions.

Some ideas to help develop grant writing skills or go into a career as a grant writer are:

  • Take marketing and English courses if you’re a student attending or planning to attend college.
  • Check if the college or university you’re attending or planning to attend offers programs specifically to grant writing.
  • Check for classes and workshops available through community colleges and professional associations.
  • Check for online resources and books.
  • Practice and write grants.

Receiving a grant can be a rewarding experience. There are benefits for having grant writing as a career skill. If you’re someone who likes to write and receive the resources needed or desired for programs or research, consider developing this skill as a secondary trade for your future job, or consider grant writing as a career option.

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