Zidua now labeled for use in 2019 celery

The herbicide Zidua is now labeled for use in celery and can help with several problem weeds like common purslane.

The herbicide Zidua can now be used in celery and provides pre-emergence control of problem weeds including common purslane. Photo credit: Howard F. Schwartz, Colorado State University, Bugwood.org.

Both SC and 85WG formulations of the herbicide Zidua are now labeled for use in celery via supplemental labels. (View the SC labelView the 85WG label.) Zidua is a group 15 herbicide; this group includes the more familiar herbicide Dual Magnum. It is labeled for use on muck soils with >20% organic matter.

Weeds controlled: Zidua has pre-emergence (to the weeds) activity against common purslane, common groundsel, ladysthumb, marsh yellowcress and a variety of grasses including crabgrass. It also has activity against the pigweeds. It does not control emerged weeds.

Application: The label mandates that Zidua be applied within one to six days of transplanting at 3.25 fluid ounces per acre (SC formulation) or 2 ounces per acre (85 WG formulation). It has no PHI when applied at this timing. There is a 12 hour REI.

Activation: After application, the product needs to be activated by 0.5 inch of rainfall or irrigation.

Tank mixes: Until you gain experience with this herbicide, it is recommended to avoid tank mixing it with other herbicides or adjuvants. The label has no tank-mix restrictions.

Crop safety: Michigan State University Weed Scientist Bernard Zandstra has observed good crop safety when applied within six days of transplanting, but stunting has been observed with experimental applications made three to four weeks post-transplant. The label warns that Zidua may cause crop injury under stressful conditions.

Rotational restrictions:

  • Field corn: 0 months
  • Small grains (besides wheat): 11 months
  • Soybeans: 0 months
  • Wheat: 1 month
  • Other crops: 18 months

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