• Growing compact sour cherries for high-density systems

    In an effort to increase production in trees in years four and five, Michigan State University AgBioResearch horticulturist Ron Perry is growing new smaller varieties and harvesting them with a blueberry harvester.

  • Battling Oblique Banded Leaf Roller in cherry production

    The cherry industry is big business in Michigan. However, one pest threatening the fruit is the Oblique Banded Leaf Roller. Research projects at MSU AgBioResearch's Northwest Michigan Horticulture Research Center are working to address the issue.

  • Northwest Michigan Hort Research Center: An overview

    The 100-acre NWMHRC sits in the five-county northwestern region that produces almost half of the U.S. supply of tart cherries and is responsible for 83 percent of sweet cherry production in Michigan.