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Ask an Expert:

The eXtension Ask an Expert tool is a method for allowing our clients to ask questions through an online question and answer tool. Questions for the state of Michigan are directed to the Michigan Question Wrangler Team. The team members review the questions, add tags based on content area, and reassign the question to someone within MSU Extension with that specific area of expertise.

Training Sessions

Training is available upon request. To request a training on the Ask an Expert system contact Gwyn Shelle at

How-To Documents

View one of the following documents for step-by-step instructions on answering questions in Ask an Expert.

How-To Video Tutorial

View the following five minute video tutorial on Getting Started with Ask an Expert.

 Additional Documents, Websites & Recordings:

  1. eXtension's Learn System is a 4 minute 40 second recording on how to offer your webinar nationally through Learn.
  2. Getting Started in eXtension is a two-page flyer with links and information on how to get an eXtension ID. 
  3. About eXtension contains links to information about the mission, staff, history, and policies of eXtension, as well as links to conferences, grants, and using eXtension to provide information for the public.
  4. Finding Information in eXtension provides MSUE support staff and others with a road map for using both MSUE and eXtension web tools for helping people find information and answers.
  5. Community of Practice: What-Why-How is a two-page guide explaining the purpose and value of Communities of Practice (CoPs) in eXtension.  It provides information on finding and joining a Community of Practice, and on finding colleagues with similar interests and expertise if you want to start a new CoP. 
  6. Communities of Practice contains a plethora of information on how to join a CoP to collaborate with other Extension professionals in your area of expertise.
  7. eXtension HorseQuest  shows the benefits of being an active participant in a Community of Practice. This handout is geared towards university faculty/staff/students involved in teaching, research and extension in equine programs across the country and internationally.  MSU faculty--Drs. Christine Skelly, Karen Waite, Taylor Fabus, Gwyn Shelle, Judith Marteniuk--have been involved in all of the programs, curriculum developement and research opportunities shared in this document, either as HorseQuest Experts or through My Horse University.
  8. 'Learn' for Professional Development gives you free access to cutting edge learning events offered by colleagues from across the country. Anyone with an eXtension ID can add a webinars here.
  9. Public Online Courses contains links to all the eXtension courses currently available to the public.  You too can use this Moodle feature to request a course shell for an online course.
  10. eXtension public site contains objective, research-based information and tools in resource areas such as: community, family, farm, pest management, youth, and disaster issues.
  11. eXtension Search is a searchable data base of websites from 74 Land Grant Universities containing millions of research-based articles and websites.
  12. Ask an Expert Wrangler Summary