Finding MSU Extension Experts

The following tools are resources for finding MSU Extension experts, articles, and research-based information which can be useful in your work and when finding information for clients.

Where can clients find Michigan specific information?
ANSWER: MSU Extension Website

The best source of information related to Michigan is the MSU Extension website. At this site clients can find a wealth of information on topics such as 4-H & Youth, Agriculture, Business, Community, Family, Food & Health, Lawn & Garden, and Natural Resources. 

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How can I find MSU Extension experts to refer clients to?
ANSWER: Staff Directory

MSU Extension has a database of experts in a tool called Find an Expert. This database is searchable by name, county, and topic. It provides contact information and a list of articles for each expert.

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How can I find Michigan experts in the field of Agriculture?
ANSWER: AABI Coverage Tool 

The AABI Coverage tool was designed specifically to help staff find experts in our Agriculture and Agricultural Business Institute. This spreadsheet is organized by topic, as well as expertise. It is also segmented by District to help staff refer clients to the appropriate expert from MSU Extension.

Link to resource: MSU Extension Agricultural Staff Coverage Tool

How can community members ask questions online 24/7?
ANSWER: Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert is an online system which allows clients to ask questions and receive answers quickly from MSU Extension staff on a broad range of subjects. It is especially useful if you have a client asking a question and there isn't an MSU Extension expert available. Previous questions and answers from Land Grant institutions across the country can be found in the Ask an Expert Database. This database has become a wealth of information for the public. If you are a staff member who would like to become an expert in this system go to the MSU Extension eXtension section of the Organizational Development website.

Link to the Ask an Expert Question Database:

Link to the Ask an Expert Question Form:

How can I search online for research-based information?
ANSWER: eXtension Search

eXtension offers a custom Google Search tool for finding articles, websites, and documents from almost 1,000 Cooperative Extension websites and 74 Universities.

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