Tips for Creating Safe Spaces in Zoom Meetings and Webinars - Avoid Zoombombing

We must ensure that we are providing a safe online environment for our colleagues, students, volunteers, and clients in our local communities. This page includes best practices and pedagogy for creating safe places for our learners by using Zoom features in creative ways, in addition to setting passwords through a series of short videos. Click on the links below or scroll through the page! For any questions please contact Gwyn Shelle, Educational Technology Specialist with Michigan State University Extension at

Zoom Meeting - Waiting Room Feature

Zoom Meeting - Managing the Chat

Zoom Meeting - Advanced Screen Sharing Options

Zoom Meeting - Managing Participants

Zoom Meeting - Raise Hand Feature

Zoom Webinar: Chat vs Q & A

How to Use Passwords in Zoom

Waiting Room Feature

The waiting room feature allows you to approve who can join your Zoom meeting. This is useful for screening who is entering a Zoom meeting or for holding several Zoom interviews in one meeting. You have the ability to admit participants individually or all at once.

Zoom Meeting - Managing the Chat

You have the ability to restrict who the participants can chat with ranging form no one, to only panelists, the panelists and attendees, or panelists. This is useful to controlling messages in the chat.

Managing Participants in a Meeting

You can manage the participants in your meeting by muting audio, stopping video and removing participants.

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Zoom Meeting - Advanced Screen Sharing Options

The advanced share screen option allows you to restrict whether or not participants have the ability to share their screen.

Zoom Meeting Raise Hand Feature

Use the raise hand feature when muting your participants and allowing them to virtually raise their hand in order to have speaking rights.

Zoom Webinar: Chat vs Q&A

Zoom webinars have two options for participants to communicate with the host and panelists including the chat and Q&A. The chat can be an open chat or restricted to just the host/panelists. The Q&A is a moderated way of receiving questions and comments as the host or panelist must approve the questions/comments before participants can view them.

How to use Zoom Password Settings