Tips for Connecting to Zoom with Slower Internet Connections

Joining a video conferencing session with a slower Internet connection can be a challenge. Below are tips for successful Zoom meetings and webinars.

keyboard-key-1(3)Wired Connection. If your Internet router has an option for a wired connection, join with a wired option versus a wireless connection.

keyboard-key-with-number-2(1)Proximity to Router/Hot Spot. Bring your laptop or device closer to your router or hot spot connection.

number-3-key-on-keyboard(1)Check Bandwidth. You can check your bandwidth using a speed test such as For the list of required bandwidth for Zoom meetings and Webinars visit: Zoom System Requirements.

keyboard-key-of-number-4(6)Stop Camera Feed: A camera feed from a webcam (showing the video of you speaking) takes more bandwidth and may affect the quality of your Zoom session if you have a slower connection. If your Internet is unstable stop your video feed. Another option is to show your video during introductions or if you have a question, but stop your video feed during other parts of the meeting.

keyboard-key-5Disable HD Video in Zoom: You can disable the HD video option by selecting video settings in a meeting - select the up arrow to the right of the video icon and check or uncheck the HD video option.

key-6-of-a-keyboard(1)Mute Microphone When Not Talking: When you aren't talking mute your audio (click on the microphone icon to mute or unmute).

key-number-7(1)Close other Applications:Zoom uses memory and processing from your computer and is not prioritized over other applications - closing applications you do not need will improve your Zoom experience Try to pause downloading updates, if you can.

number-8-key-on-keyboardAvoid Crowding Your Router: If there are multiple devices (from other individuals) joined to your router or hotspot try to avoid video streaming which will affect bandwidth (e.g. Netflix, YouTube TV, etc.)

number-9-key-on-keyboardSwitch to Phone Audio: If you have an unstable connection, you can join the meeting by phone. For immediate instructions, click on the up arrow to the right of the microphone icon as shown below:

Phone audio Zoom

keyboard-key-10Planning Ahead: Calling in by Phone as a Presenter: Plan ahead if you know that you may have connectivity issues during a meeting or webinar. A best practice is to have a colleague assist you by co-hosting the meeting or webinar. You can share your presentation materials with your co-host just in case they need to be the one to share your materials while you call in by phone (see switch to phone audio).