About OTuRN

Given the rapid transformation in the Basin, up-to-date empirical data is of the utmost importance, to inform stakeholders about whether the landscape-scale changes are supporting the declared goals of equitable and sustainable economic growth. An active research program is required to collect and synthesise data, and to disseminate results to stakeholders. As the impact of development is landscape-scale, data are required that represent all elements of the landscape, necessitating a multi-disciplinary network of researchers. The Omo-Turkana Research Network (OTuRN) includes ecologists, hydrologists, spatial scientists, historians, social scientists, and anthropologists. The network’s objectives are:

  1. To facilitate open communication among researchers active in the basin;
  2. To coordinate multi-disciplinary research;
  3. To assist in disseminating scientific research to the media and to members of the public.

Areas where OTuRN researchers are active


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We're always looking to collaborate with other researchers active in the region - for all queries, please email oturn@msu.edu