Club Development

Providing safe environments for the long-term engagement of youth is the foundation of every successful positive youth development program. In 4-H, clubs are the primary method for achieving this goal. Clubs provide volunteers and youth with unlimited opportunities for learning, relationship building and fun. To help 4-H staff members, volunteers, parents, community partners and professionals create an environment for positive youth development programming, MSU Extension offers trainings to support and enhance engagement of youth in safe community-based environments.

Explore more Youth Club Development Programs

  • 4-H SPIN Clubs

    A 4-H SPIN club is a special interest club where five or more young people get together to learn about a topic of interest. The SPIN club model provides increased flexibility in when and how long groups meet.

  • 4-H Tech Wizards

    With the guidance and support of caring, committed adult mentors, youth explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics through fun, hands-on projects in the 4-H Tech Wizards program.

  • 4-H Volunteer Training Workshops

    4-H volunteers are a valuable part of the 4-H program. To help them make a difference in the lives of the youth they serve, volunteers are invited to take part in workshops and trainings offered by knowledgeable MSU Extension staff.

  • 4-H Volunteering & Mentoring

    Supporting the thousands of Michigan 4-H youth across the state are more than 11,000 caring adult volunteers who give their time to the program annually.

  • Inclusive 4-H

    Blending different backgrounds together is a unique aspect of Michigan 4-H. Differences including people of diverse backgrounds, heritages, and physical and mental abilities are welcome, and encouraged, to join 4-H as a participant or volunteer.