All youth need caring, nurturing and encouraging people in their lives. While many youth find these individuals on their own, not all are so lucky. To help meet the needs of those without a caring adult in their lives, MSU Extension supports formal youth mentoring to provide young people with adults who can guide, support and nurture them. To help build skills in professional staff and volunteers who work in the field of youth mentoring, MSU Extension offers trainings including Ready to Go Mentor Training; Matching, Monitoring and Closure of Mentoring Relationships; Mentoring Relationships; and Setting and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries. These trainings are available for mentors, volunteers, parents, community partners and professionals.

Explore more Mentoring Programs

  • 4-H Tech Wizards

    With the guidance and support of caring, committed adult mentors, youth explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics through fun, hands-on projects in the 4-H Tech Wizards program.

  • 4-H Volunteering & Mentoring

    Supporting the thousands of Michigan 4-H youth across the state are more than 11,000 caring adult volunteers who give their time to the program annually.

  • Become a 4-H Volunteer

    Volunteer with Michigan 4-H and help grow true leaders in your community by empowering young people with skills to lead for a lifetime. Join us as we grow kids in your community!.