Volunteers are a critical component of any youth development program. To help 4-H programs and other youth development organizations recruit, screen and place volunteers, MSU Extension offers a wide variety of trainings on volunteerism and volunteer management including Crossing the Gap: Communicating Across Generations, Increasing Cultural Competency, Targeted Volunteer Recruitment, Interviewing Potential Volunteers, Building Communication Skills, Volunteer Academy, Ready to Go: Volunteer Training, Delegation, Recruiting 21st Century Volunteers, Volunteers and Role Descriptions, Dealing with Difficult Volunteers and much more. These trainings are available for volunteers, parents, community partners and professionals.

Explore more Volunteerism Programs

  • 4-H Volunteer Training Workshops

    4-H volunteers are a valuable part of the 4-H program. To help them make a difference in the lives of the youth they serve, volunteers are invited to take part in workshops and trainings offered by knowledgeable MSU Extension staff.

  • 4-H Volunteering & Mentoring

    Supporting the thousands of Michigan 4-H youth across the state are more than 11,000 caring adult volunteers who give their time to the program annually.

  • Become a 4-H Volunteer

    Volunteer with Michigan 4-H and help grow true leaders in your community by empowering young people with skills to lead for a lifetime. Join us as we grow kids in your community!.