Admissions Requirements

Incoming freshmen are admitted to MSU and to the School of Packaging lower division by the MSU Office of Admissions using procedures, forms and standards set up by that office.

Admission as Freshman or Sophomore

Students below junior standing (56 credits) currently at MSU may change their major to Packaging at any time by going to the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative office corresponding to where they live or by filling out the online form at

Students are STRONGLY encouraged to contact Aaron Tucker at for advising after changing their major to Packaging. Students who declare packaging as their major prior to reaching 56 credits will be automatically reviewed upon reaching junior status, and must meet all upper division admission requirements at that time.

Admission to the School of Packaging Upper Division

Admission to the upper division requires that the student has completed Chemistry 141, Mathematics 133, Physics 231 with a minimum of a 2.0 in each course, AND a 3.0 cumulative GPA over all coursework completed at MSU.

Students who have already declared their major preference as Packaging prior to reaching 56 credits will be automatically reviewed for admission; there is no application required.


The School of Packaging does NOT offer probationary acceptance. Packaging students will be automatically reviewed upon final grades being received (Wednesday after exams), and will be notified of their admissions via confidential message through STUINFO within one week of final grades being reported. Students will receive an email notification of this message from reg@msu.eduPlease do NOT ignore this message!

Students not accepted will need to change their major out of Packaging within 10 days of notification, or a dean’s hold will be placed on their records. Non-admitted students will be dropped out of all packaging courses. Students may request readmission once requirements are met. You must meet the requirements for the semester for which you are requesting readmission, NOT the previous semester.

Students who have already reached junior status in another major, but would like to change their major to Packaging, should contact Aaron Tucker at These students must meet the above requirements prior to being able to officially change their major to Packaging. Junior-level and above students wishing to change their major after the last drop date with no grade recorded of each semester will have their request held until final grades are received.

Admission to the School of Packaging as a Transfer Student from Another Institution

Students wishing to transfer to the School of Packaging from a community college or university must first go through the MSU Admissions office transfer application. The admissions office will determine if students meet eligibility requirements to be accepted to both MSU and the School of Packaging.

Students who will be transferring in with greater than 42 credits must have completed the equivalent of MSU’s CEM 141, MTH 132, MTH 133 and PHY 231 to be accepted into the program. Students transferring in with less than 42 credits will not need to have these requirements completed for admission.