Andrey Guber, Ph.D.

Andrey Guber

Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences

Assistant Professor - Soil physics, soil hydrology and modeling water flow, solute and microbial transport in soils.

Telephone: 517-353-0269

Plant and Soil Sciences Building
1066 Bogue St., Room A 584
East Lansing, MI 48824

Area of Expertise:

Soil science with the emphasis on soil physics, soil hydrology and modeling water flow, solute and microbial transport in soils. 


Ph.D. M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University 1994

Current Research Interests:

Role of pore heterogeneity in soil carbon and nitrogen fluxes at microscale.



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  • Kravchenko, A.N., H. Zheng, Y. Kuzyakov, G.P. Robertson, A.K. Guber. 2021. Belowground interplant carbon transfer promotes soil carbon gains in diverse plant communities. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 159, 1082.
  • Guber, A., T. Kutlu, M. Rivers, A. Kravchenko. 2020. Mass-balance approach to quantify water distribution in soils based on X-ray computed tomography images. European Journal of Soil Science.
  • Kravchenko, A., A. Guber,  A. Gunina, M. Dippold, Ya, Kuzyakov. 2020. Pore-scale view of microbial turnover: Combining 14C imaging, mCT and zymography after adding soluble carbon to soil pores of specific sizes. European Journal of Soil Science
  • Zheng, H., Kim, K., Kravchenko, A., Rivers, M., Guber, A. 2020. Testing Os staining approach for visualizing soil organic matter patterns in intact samples via X-ray dual-Energy tomography scanning. Environmental Science & Technology 2020 54 (14), 8980-8989.
  • Kravchenko, A.N.. A.K. Guber, B. S. Rasavi, J. Koestel, M.Y. Quigley, G. P. Robertson, and Y. Kuzyakov. 2019. Microbial spatial footprint as a driver of soil carbon stabilization. Nature Communications.
  • Kravchenko, A.N., A.K. Guber, B.S.Razavi, J.Koestel, E.V. Blagodatskaya, Y.Kuzyakov. 2019. Spatial patterns of extracellular enzymes: combining X-ray computed micro-tomography and 2D zymography. Soil Biol. Biochem., 135: 411-419.
  • Guber A., Kravchenko A., Razavi B.,  Uteau D., Peth S., Blagodatskaya E., Kuzyakov Y. 2018. Quantitative soil zymography: Mechanisms, processes of substrate and enzyme diffusion in porous media. Soil Biol. Biochem., 127: 156-167.

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