Angela Brann, M.Ed.

Angela Brann

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Placement Coordinator/Academic Specialist
School of Packaging


Angela Brann holds an M.Ed. in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics Education from the University of San Diego and a BS in Packaging from Michigan State University.  She has been teaching technology, engineering and mathematics courses for several years.  Prior to teaching, Angela held packaging management positions in the pharmaceutical, electronics, and cosmetics industries.  With over a decade of experience in the packaging industry, she has designed, tested, and qualified primary, secondary, and tertiary packages made from paper, glass, metal, and various polymers.  In addition to structural design and performance testing, Angela has been accountable for distribution planning, quality assurance testing, child resistance and tamper evidence implementation, anti-counterfeiting and RFID application, equipment specification, packaging process development/documentation, as well as graphics design and labeling implementation. She brings her diverse packaging knowledge and passion for creative design to the classroom.