Anna Riederer

Anna Riederer

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Visiting Research Scholar



Anna is currently working on her Master’s thesis at the MSU School of Packaging. She has a Bachelor and Master degree in Technology and Biotechnology of Food from the Technical University of Munich. During one semester she studied Enology and Viticulture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain.

Her undergraduate research focused on fermentation technology and on microwave vacuum drying of foods, foams and probiotics. She assisted in the inorganic chemistry laboratory class. During her graduate studies, Anna was engaged in the research of thermodynamics of liquid crystals at the Moscow Technological University.

Anna has also interned with a former food startup company Mymuesli GmbH and with the packaging and bottling producer Krones AG.


Anna’s Master’s Thesis focuses on the development of a novel bio-based and antimicrobial package for shelf-life extension of perishable produce.