Awadhoot Shendye, PhD

Awadhoot Shendye

School of Packaging

PhD Student


Dr. Awadhoot Shendye is currently a graduate student at Michigan State University's School of Packaging program. Dr. Awadhoot Shendye earned his Ph.D. from Western Michigan University in Paper and Printing Science. He is pursuing his second masters’ degree in Packaging Science from Michigan State University in Packaging Science. He completed his first M.S. degree from Western Michigan University in Paper & Imaging Science & Engineering. Prior to that he completed bachelor’s degree in Printing Engineering from Pune University. He developed Brand Color Management software ‘ColorScale’ and ‘ColorScope’. He presented his research work in international conferences and journals like Technical Association of Graphic Arts, Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industries, Inter Society Color Council & Gravure Magazine. He is member of ICC architecture working committee, ISO TC 130 committee and CIE TC 8-13 committee.

Research Interests:

Printable packaging manufacturing- paperboard, corrugated and flexible.

Anti-counterfeiting technologies for pharmaceutical packaging. 

Package designing and manufacturing.

Food & cosmetic packaging.

Color management & brand management.

Quality management systems & process engineering.