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Professor - Soil chem., molecular simulation, atomic-scale mechanisms, thermodynamics, kinetics of sorption reactions at mineral surfaces.



B.S. in Agronomy, University of Arkansas
Ph.D. in Soil Chemistry, University of Arkansas

Research Interests:

  • Surface structures of environmentally relevant colloidal materials
  • Adsorption mechanisms for gaseous and solution species interacting with solid phases in soils and sediments; implications for geochemical transport and fate
  • Anthropogenic modification of natural surfaces to optimize adsorbent behavior


Current Research Areas:

In building an understanding of molecular behavior within environmental systems, emerging technologies in condensed-phase molecular modeling are proving useful for:

a) constraining the interpretations of spectroscopic and diffraction data,
b) stimulating new hypotheses and new approaches to experimentation, and
c) performing truly predictive simulations of properties not amenable to experiment. 

Molecular modeling tools have traditionally been tailored toward proteins and other biochemical organic systems, but I have worked toward expanding their application to environmentally relevant systems such as soil minerals and aqueous species at colloid-solution interfaces.  My research has focused on the development, validation, and application of both classical- and quantum-physics molecular models for aqueous solutions, chemical contaminants, and the colloidal materials that control adsorption and chemical speciation in soils, sediments, and groundwaters.  I have been a member of diverse teams (physical chemists, experimental soil chemists, geophysicists, mineralogists, and environmental engineers) that test and validate such models, then apply them to simulations of practical systems. A strength of our developmental work is frequent validation of our models using diverse spectroscopic, diffraction, and thermodynamic data. My goals are to develop robust models for the most important environmental colloids and to use the models to accurately predict a greater variety of kinetic and thermodynamic information.

Courses Taught:

Courses in development:

  • Scientific logic versus (advertising and propaganda) 


Professional Affiliations, Awards and Honors:

  • American Chemical Society
  • Clay Minerals Society
  • Soil Science Society of America
  • Phi Beta Kappa (academic excellence, member since 1977)
  • Sigma Pi Sigma (physics honor society, member since 1977)
  • Sigma Xi (scientific research society, member since 1991)
  • Intercollegiate baseball team, Lawrence University and St. Olaf College, 1974-1976.
  • Intercollegiate soil-judging team, University of Arkansas, 1988-1990.
  • H.W. Mann Scholarship to attend the Creative Problem-Solving Institute, Buffalo, NY, 1989.
  • American Society of Agronomy Outstanding Senior, 1989.
  • University of Arkansas Senior Scholar (valedictorian address), 1990.
  • President, Arkansas Graduate Student Organization, 1991-1992.
  • Arkansas Graduate School Doctoral Fellowship, 1991-1994, in computational soil chemistry.



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Grants Awarded:

National competitive grants:

  1. Boyd, S.A., Johnston, C.T., H. Li, T.J. Pinnavaia, and B.J. Teppen, “Geochemical Controls on the Adsorption, Bioavailability, and Long-term Environmental Fate of Dioxins, PCBs, and PAHs,” National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences ‘Superfund Basic Research Program,’ for five years during 01 April 2006 through 31 March 2011.  This was one of seven projects in a larger, coordinated grant.
  2. Boyd, S.A., B.J. Teppen, and C.L. Rugh. “Geochemical Controls on Bioavailability and Toxicity of Energetics during Bioremediation,” NSF-EPA Partnership for Environmental Research: New Technologies for the Environment, for two years of exploratory research, 12/2005-11/2007, NSF Division of Bioengineering and Environmental Systems grant BES-0329374.
  3. Teppen, B.J., S.A. Boyd, C.T. Johnston, D.A. Laird, and H. Li. “Mechanisms and forces controlling pesticide retention by soil clay minerals,” U.S. Department of Agriculture National Research Initiative Grant 2005-35107-15237, for three years during 11/2004-11/2007.
  4. Teppen, B.J., S.A. Boyd, C.T. Johnston, and D.A. Laird. “Mechanisms and forces controlling pesticide retention by soil clay minerals,” USDA NRI Grant 2003-35107-12899, for two years during 10/2002-10/2004.
  5. Miller, D.M., B.J. Teppen, and L. Schäfer. "Molecular simulation of adsorption at the clay mineral/ aqueous solution interface." USDA NRI Grant 99-35107-7782, for two years during 10/1999-10/2001.
  6. Teppen, B.J., P.M. Bertsch, A. Masion, and J.-Y. Bottero. “Speciation and formation mechanisms of Fe-Si associations in natural media: A unified approach combining spectroscopy and molecular modeling.” National Science Foundation Division of International Programs Grant INT-9815274, 7/1999 through 6/2002.
  7. Miller, D.M., B.J. Teppen, and L. Schäfer. 1997. Molecular simulation of adsorption at the clay mineral/ aqueous solution interface. USDA NRI Grant 97-35107-4362, two years during 10/1997-10/1999.
  8. Miller, D.M., and L. Schäfer. 1995. Molecular simulation of adsorption at the clay mineral/ aqueous solution interface. USDA NRI Grant 95-37107-1915, two years during 10/1995-10/1997. Teppen helped write the proposal and do the work but was not an official PI.
  9. Miller, D.M., B.J. Teppen, and L. Schäfer. 1993. Molecular simulation of adsorption at the clay mineral/ aqueous solution interface. USDA NRI Grant 93-37102-9557, two years during 10/1993-10/1995.


International competitive grants:

  1. Basile-Doelsch, I., A. Masion, J. Balesdent, S. Derenne, H. St. Macary, and B.J. Teppen. “Organo-mineral complexes in soils: Role in dynamics and sequestration of carbon,” Institut National des Sciences de l’Univers (Paris) program in ‘Continental ecosphere: Processes and modeling,’ for 2004-2005.