Michael Allen

Michael Allen


Department of Animal Science

University Distinguished Professor

Telephone: 517-755-0725

2265A Anthony Hall


BS, Cornell University
MS, Cornell University
PhD, Cornell University


Research in my laboratory is focused on the integration of digestion and metabolism in ruminants, emphasizing the effects of metabolic fuels on energy intake and partitioning. We evaluate chemical and physical characteristics of diets on type, temporal absorption, and physiological effects of fuels using lactating cows as our primary animal model. Response variables include feeding behavior, site of digestion, endocrine response, gene expression in various tissues, tissue mobilization/accretion, and yield of milk and milk components.


Extension program has primary emphasis on physiological and production responses of cows to dietary treatments through the lactation cycle. Program is targeted to nutritionists, veterinarians, and other individuals with experience in formulating diets for dairy cows.