Kaitlynn Sandstrom

Kaitlynn Sandstrom


Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics

Master's Student

Major Professor: Frank Lupi

Area of Specialization: Environmental and Resource Economics

Originally from Williamsport, Ohio, Kaitlynn grew up in a small farming community that inspired her to pursue environmental studies. She graduated with a B.A from Drake University, triple majoring in Sustainability & Resilience, Economics, and Politics. While at Drake, Kaitlynn served as a Research Assistant for Dr. Brian Vander-Naald. During this role, she worked on a Polk County Parks project which investigated the willingness to pay for benefits provided by the county parks. She also collaborated with Dr. Brian Vander-Naald during a study abroad experience where she studied the willingness to pay for improved drinking water technologies in Kikandwa, Uganda. As a first-year master’s student, Kaitlynn hopes to develop strong microeconomic skills and further investigate environmental economic topics.