Krystal Cheng

Krystal Cheng

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Master's Student
School of Packaging


Degree: M.S. in Packaging

Krystal began her M.S. in Packaging at MSU in the fall of 2017. She completed her B.S. in bioengineering at Cornell University. She was a teaching assistant for PKG 485 (Packaging Development) in Spring 2018, PKG 323 (Packaging with Plastics) in Fall 2018, and PKG410 (Distribution Dynamics) in Fall 2019. She was a co-op at Ethicon in Spring 2019 and will be joining their full-time team in 2020. 

Projects worked on: High Barrier Film Coatings, Tamper-Resistant Medication Bottle, Water- and Oil-resistant Paper Coatings.

Duration in the group: October 2017 – April 2020.

Areas of Interest: Biobased polymers, biodegradable packaging, sustainability, food-safe packaging.