Creating new generation of highly skilled workforce, reducing plastic waste, and developing end-of-life solutions for waste plastics.

Plastic Recycling Multi-Functional Coatings Outreach - "Plastic Waste"

2021 Innovator of the Year Award: Muhammad Rabnawaz

“The credit for our innovations primarily goes to my research team who put the ideas to work and the collegiality and supportive leadership at the School of Packaging and College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.”

Our article features as the cover image for Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Volume 139, Issue 7:

This cover image, designed by Syeda Shamila Hamdani, Zhao Li, Ping Ruoqi, Emily Rollend, Muhammad Rabnawaz, depicts the utilization of a bilayer coating approach using poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVOH) and zein to enhance the water vapor and oxygen barrier properties of paper materials. Paper can offer viable alternatives to plastics in many packaging applications if its barrier properties are improved. Due to the current plastic waste crisis, we must reduce our plastic use. DOI: 10.1002/app.51707

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