Monireh Mahmoudi, PhD

Monireh Mahmoudi

School of Packaging

Assistant Professor

Telephone: 517 353-3869

Monireh Mahmoudi, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor (tenure track) in the School of Packaging, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  

She received her Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering from Arizona State University. Her research interest is in the application of operations research in logistics and transportation. Her current research focuses on developing decision support systems for managing the operations of sustainable supply chains (e.g., supply chain systems using reusable packages for transporting, bundling, or containing products, food-aid supply chain systems distributing donated food among people in need).  

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Operations Research in Transportation: Last mile delivery, pickup and delivery with transfers, activity-based vehicle routing, vehicle routing with back-hauls, inventory routing 
  • Operations Management: Dynamic decision-making in operations management, mechanisms to mitigate supply chain disruption risks 


Refereed Publications (Published, Accepted, or in an Advanced Round):

  • Mahmoudi, M., Chen, J., Shi, T., Zhang, Y., Zhou, X. (2019) A cumulative service state representation for the pickup and delivery problem with synchronized transfers, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 129, 351–380.
    ➢ INFORMS 2016 Women in OR/MS (WORMS) Monsanto Award
    ➢ INFORMS 2016 Minority Issues Forum (MIF) Student Poster Competition (finalist)
    ➢ INFORMS 2016 IBM Service Science Student Paper Competition (finalist)
  • Mahmoudi, M., Song, y., Miller, H.J., Zhou, X. (2019) Accessibility with time and resource constraints: Computing hyper–prisms for sustainable transportation planning. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 73, 171–183.
  • Lu, G., Peng, Q., Mahmoudi, M., Zhou, X., Shi, T. (2019) Optimizing resource recharging location–routing plans: a resource–space–time network modeling framework for railway locomotive refueling and electric vehicle recharging applications. Computers and Industrial Engineering, 127, 1241–1258.
  • Zhou, X., Tong, L., Mahmoudi, M., Zhuge, L., Yao, Y., Zhang, Y., Shang, P., Liu, J., Shi, T. (2018) Open–source VRPLite package for vehicle routing with pickup and delivery: A path finding engine for scheduled transportation systems. Urban Rail Transit, 4(2), 68–85.
  • Li, M., Rouphail, N.M., Mahmoudi, M., Liu, J., Zhou, X. (2017) Multi–scenario optimization approach for assessing the impacts of advanced traffic information under realistic stochastic capacity distributions. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 2017, 77, 113– 133.
  • Mahmoudi, M., Garikapati, V.M., Tong, L., Zhou, X., Pendyala, R.M. (2017) How many trip requests could we support? An activity–travel based vehicles scheduling approach. Transportation Research Record CD, 17–06617.
  • Mahmoudi, M., Zhou, X. (2016) Finding optimal solutions for vehicle routing problem with pickup and delivery services with time windows: A dynamic programming approach based on state–space–time network representations. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 89, 19–42.
    • Graduate Research Poster Symposium 2017, Arizona State University (fourth place)
    • Rural Public & Intercity Bus Transportation 2016 Student Paper Competition (first place)
    • ITE Western District 2016 Student Paper Competition (first place)
    • ITE 2016 Daniel B. Fambro Student Paper Competition (finalist)
    • Graduate Research Poster Symposium 2016, Arizona State University (third place)
    • ITS Arizona 2015 Graduate Student Paper Competition (first place)
  • Boloori, A., Mahmoudi, M. (2013) Networks. In Farahani, R.Z., Miandoabchi, E. (Eds.) Graph theory for operations research and management: Applications in industrial engineering. IGI Global.
  • Boloori, A., Mahmoudi, M. (2013) Digraphs. In Farahani, R.Z., Miandoabchi, E. (Eds.) Graph theory for operations research and management: Applications in industrial engineering. IGI Global.
  • Boloori, A., Mahmoudi, M. (2013) Networks flow applications. In Farahani, R.Z., Miandoabchi, E. (Eds.) Graph theory for operations research and management: Applications in industrial engineering. IGI Global.
  • Mahmoudi, M., Tofigh, A.A. (2012) Application of game theory in dynamic competitive pricing with one price leader and n dependent followers. International Journal of Engineering, 25(1): 35–43.
  • Mahmoudi, M., Tofigh, A.A. (2011) Finding minimum volume ellipsoid covering a finite set of points through simulated annealing algorithm. Middle–East Journal of Scientific Research, 10(6):683–690.

Publications (Submitted or In Progress)

  • Wang, Y., Peng, S., Zhou, X., Mahmoudi, M., Assogba, K. (2020) Green logistics location–routing problem with eco–packages (Under review in Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review).
  •  Mahmoudi, M., Parviziomran, I. (2020) Reusable packaging in supply chains: A review of logistics system designs, environmental and economic impacts, operations management, and tracking technologies (Under review in the International Journal of Production Economics).
  •  Mahmoudi, M., Garikapati, V.M., Tong, L., Zhou, X., Pendyala, R.M. (2020) A path–based integer programming model for the activity–based vehicle routing problem (Work in progress).
  • Parviziomran, I., Mahmoudi, M. (2020) Optimal reserved load and detour policy for trucks serving off–line delivery and on–line pickup requests (Work in progress).
  • Yuan, T., Mahmoudi, M. (2020) Labeling and packaging postponement in supply chains (Work in progress).
  • Tao, J., Mahmoudi, M. (2020) Aggregate planning in packaging manufacturing (Work in prgress).

Courses Taught: 

  • Michigan State University
    • PKG 891 Packaging Logistics [Spring 2020]
    • PKG 465 Packaging Value Chain [Fall 2019]
    •  PKG 465 Packaging Value Chain [Summer 2019]

Dr. Mahmoudi’s research has gained accolades from ITE Western District, INFORMS IBM Service Science, and INFORMS OR/MS Monsanto Society. 

 Dr. Mahmoudi’s research website