Maninder Singh, Ph.D.

Maninder Singh

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Assistant Professor of Cropping Systems Agronomy
Cropping Systems Agronomy



Ph.D., University of Florida, Agronomy
M.S., Punjab Agricultural University, Agronomy
B.S. (Hons.), Guru Nanak Dev University, India, Agriculture

Overview of current program:

Dr. Singh’s research, extension, and teaching program at MSU focuses on current and emerging issues in cropping systems of Michigan with an overall goal to improve the productivity, profitability, and resiliency of these systems. Variety selection (G) and improved management (M) strategies are explored in the context of climatic patterns, modern farming practices, and economic conditions. Current research is focused on management practices such as planting methods including the role of seed placement accuracy, planting time and density, crop diversity, harvest decisions including drydown, and plant-pathogen interactions in corn, soybean, and wheat-based cropping systems.

Courses Taught:

  • CSS212 Advanced Crop production, starting Fall 2017.



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