Naveed Ahmed

Naveed Ahmed

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Visiting Scholar
Sustainable Materials Group

Naveed Ahmed began his degree of PhD in inorganic Chemistry at Hazara University Mansehra, KPK Pakistan in the fall of 2015. He completed his M.Phil. degree in Chemistry (Inorganic) in 2015 Hazara University and national centre for physics Islamabad. He completed his master (M.Sc.) degree from University of Wah, Wah Cantt Rawalpindi. He worked on shape memory polymer synthesis, polymer modification, polymer blends and polymer nanocomposites in his M.Phil. research.

Project worked on: Bio based polymer Water- and Oil-resistant Paper Coatings.

Duration in the group: December 2019 – July 2020.

Areas of Interest: shape memory (smart material) polymer, blends and nanocomposites, polymer synthesis, polymer modification, self-healable polymers and coatings, Bio-based polymers, sustainability oil and water resistant food-safe packaging.