Trish Machemer

Trish Machemer

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Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture Program and Urban & Regional Planning Program
School of Planning, Design and Construction



Masters: Mater in landscape architecture and urban planning from the University of Michigan.
PhD: PhD in resource management from Michigan State University.

Trish Machemer is an associate professor in landscape architecture and urban & regional planning. She has a PhD in Resource Management from MSU, and Master’s degrees in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. Machemer teaches within both the Landscape Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning majors at SPDC. Her research focuses on participatory design and planning, with a special interest in children’s participation. Building on this research work and her work in the classroom, Machemer's scholarship includes studies on teaching and learning. As a land use planner at the regional level, she explores the use of geographic information systems in both practice and teaching. Cutting across two majors in SPDC, and with interests in land use planning and design, Machemer is committed to integrated scholarship which crosses disciplinary boundaries and provides practical land use and planning approaches and solutions.

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