Q: Do you test cannabis?

A: We can not accept marijuana samples due to MSU compliance with federal policy.  We can test Industrial hemp but you must have a grower registration or processor-handler license. 

Q: Will someone meet me when I drop off a sample?  

A:  No, there is a cart for dropping off samples just inside the front door of the CIPS building.  

Q: How long will it take to receive my report? 

A: The time it takes to provide an accurate diagnosis is dependent on the types of analyses that need to be conducted and also the seasonal activity in the lab (i.e. number of incoming samples). 

Q: How will I receive my report? 

A: If you provided an email address on the submittal form, you will receive your report via email. The report will list the sender as pdisnoreply@ksu.edu.  If you did not provide an email address on the submittal form you will be sent a hardcopy of your report via U.S. Mail. to the address you listed. 

Q: What email address will send my completed report? 

A: pdisnoreply@ksu.edu It may seem odd to received an MSU Plant & Pest Diagnostic Report from an Kansas State University address, but it comes this way because the regional reporting system that we use to keep track of our diagnostic cases is housed at KSU. 

Q: Do I have to provide payment when I submit my sample?

A:  No, the lab will send you an invoice when the sample is completed.  

Q: How do I pay the diagnostic fee? 

A: Payments can be made online (https://www.canr.msu.edu/pestid/billing-make-payment) or checks can be mailed to Plant and Pest Diagnostics.  

Q: I have digital images that I’d like to submit with my sample, how do I do that?

A: Digital images can be submitted to our lab email, pestid@msu.edu. Please include your name and the sample type along with your images.  

Q: What happens to the digital images that I submit?

A: Diagnosticians use them without identifying information for educational purposes.  

Q: Do you share client information?

A:  We do not share identifying information with anyone outside of Plant and Pest Diagnostics. If a pest or pathogen of regulatory concern is detected in a sample, we are obligated to notify the proper regulatory officials (ex. MDARD, USDA).