Michigan State University Extension and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services have joined together to develop tools and training to help raise Michigan’s immunization rate and promote better health among all residents. The Physician Peer Education Project on Immunization (PPEPI) has been vital to the education of members of the medical field. The PPEPI program travels throughout the state of Michigan giving immunization updates to practicing physicians and their staff at Grand Rounds, conferences and medical staff meetings. Upon request, we can process CME credits. Lectures include various topics such as:

  1. Adult immunizations (19+ years)
  2. Family practice immunizations (lifespan)
  3. Health care personnel recommendations
  4. Influenza immunizations
  5. OBGYN immunizations
  6. Pediatric immunizations (birth - 18 years)
  7. HPV immunizations
  8. Building Confidence With Vaccine Hesitant Patients

The PPEPI program relies on expert physician trainers to complete each of the lectures. These trainers are a very dedicated group of individuals who strive for improved immunization rates throughout Michigan.

Hot Topics

For the latest provider information on Michigan Immunizations, please visit the following site: www.michigan.gov/immunize.

If you are a parent looking for immunization information, contact your local health department.

For more information please contact:

Connie DeMars
Physician Peer Education Program on Immunization


  • Have you had your flu shot?

    Published on January 23, 2015

    It’s not too late to still get a flu shot. Flu season typically runs from October until February, but influenza can be contracted at any time of the year.

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