Module 06: Ordinary Least Squares


The synchronous portion of this training module will consist of a short plenary during which facilitators will address questions raised by participants (posted in the GoogleDoc prior to the synchronous session), followed by a small group discussion in breakout rooms.


The general objective of this training module is to provide a review for participants on the most commonly used linear regression approach, ordinary least squares (OLS). It is expected that this review will ensure that participants are all on the same page in terms of their preparation for subsequent  PRCI econometrics trainings.

The more specific objectives include:

  • To review the motivation for using linear regression models
  • To review  the key assumptions for the  ordinary least squares estimator to be unbiased and the consequences of their violations
  • To review how OLS is operationalized conceptually and practically in STATA
  • To review the interpretation of OLS results for binary and continuous regressors
  • To review some of the hazards of  linear regression models and how we deal with them


Saweda Liverpool-Tasie (MSU), Nicole Mason-Wardell (MSU), Paul Samboko (MSU)

To access the training materials click on the "Begin Module" link below, you will then be asked to complete a short (one-minute) survey before the materials can be downloaded. The purpose of this survey is to allow PRCI to know the numbers and types of people using the materials.  No private information of any kind will be shared outside of PRCI leadership.