Promotional Materials


Horizontal and vertical JPG versions of the logo are available for download:
To obtain other file types, please contact Cameron Rudolph.

Field Signs

Investigators are encouraged to identify Project GREEEN-funded research with the Project GREEEN logo and field signs. 

Research staff members can pick up field signs (as well as the accompanying post and two fasteners) in the southwest corner of Barn J at the Veterinary Research Farm, part of the MSU South Campus Farms. If the barn is locked, please visit the on-site farm office.

Promotional Materials

Each year, Project GREEEN creates a legislative summary.

Project GREEEN also produces branded post-it notes annually. To request a supply for your Project GREEEN-funded event, contact Jackie Lindsey.

Mailing List

To join the Project GREEEN mailing list, contact Jackie Lindsey. Please include your name, mailing address and email address.