Advanced R Topics: Graphing with GGPlot

This class introduces students to the graphing packing in R called GGPlot2. GGPlot2 is a powerful data visualization tool used to make publication-quality plots and it has one of the largest, and most active, R communities. We will cover how to create, and breakdown, common graphs such as bar graphs, scatter plots, and histograms with the goal of creating reusable plots that are easy to modify.

This class uses RStudio and is designed for students who have at least a basic background in programming -- the equivalent of one semester of R, or any similar programming language (e.g., JavaScript, C...).

Instructor: Charles Belinsky

Class Format

This is an asynchronous-online class that is non-credit and self-paced -- the class is about the equivalent of a 1.5 credit course.  Students can start the class at any time and have three months to complete the course.

Class Material

You can view the syllabus for the class and a sample lesson on GGPlot Components.

Purchasing the Class

The price is $300.  You can purchase the class using a credit card or ACH at the QFC Storefront

MSU Guest Account (for non-MSU affiliated students)

Every student in the class needs an MSU account.  If you are not affiliated with MSU then you can get an MSU Guest Account here.

For questions, to pay by check, or to purchase classes in bulk contact Charlie Belinsky at 517-355-0126 or