Introduction to Simulation for Decision Analysis

Making wise decisions about managing natural resources requires an understanding of the potential consequences of those decisions. Understanding the consequences means making a guess about what will happen in the future, and how that future is likely to be affected by decisions you make. For many decisions it helps to have a formal method for forecasting what might happen when a choice is made. The most important and widely used method for forecasting involves building computer simulation models that mimic the real world and allow modelers to ask "what if".  This course introduces you to the types of computer simulation models that are used to inform decisions about management of fish and wildlife populations. The course goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need to begin building your own models of systems that matter to you, and to use those models to inform the process of making a good decision. 

Instructor: Dr. Michael Jones

Class Format:

This is an asynchronous-online class that is non-credit and self-paced.  You can start the class at any time.

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The price is $800.  You can purchase the class using a credit card or ACH at the QFC Storefront

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