Resampling Approaches to Data Analysis (always open)

Enrollment Period
This is an asynchronous-online class that is non-credit and self-paced -- the class is about the equivalent of a 3 credit course.  Students can start the class at any time and have six months to complete the course.

Students will learn theories, methodologies, and conduct applications of common resampling approaches, such as jackknifing, bootstrapping, and randomization/permutation testing.  Resampling-based statistical methods rely on the computational power of computers to repeatedly sample from observed data sets or assumed stochastic processes for conducting inference; these methods are particularly appealing for natural resource sciences because they are robust to the underlying distributions of sampled data.

This class uses R and is designed for students who have at least a basic background in programming -- the equivalent of one semester of R, or any similar programming language (e.g., JavaScript, C...).

Cost of the Class
$500 ($350 for QFC Supporting Partners*)

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