416.12 Development of Sanitation SOP’s


March 19, 2020

416.12 Development of Sanitation SOP’s

(a) The Sanitation SOP’s shall describe all procedures an official establishment will conduct daily, before and during operations, sufficient to prevent direct contamination or adulteration of product(s).

(b) The Sanitation SOP’s shall be signed and dated by the individual with overall authority on-site or a higher level official of the establishment. This signature shall signify that the establishment will implement the Sanitation SOP’s as specified and will maintain the Sanitation SOP’s in accordance with the requirements of this part. The Sanitation SOP’s shall be signed and dated upon initially implementing the Sanitation SOP’s and upon any modification to the Sanitation SOP’s.

(c) Procedures in the Sanitation SOP’s that are to be conducted prior to operations shall be identified as such, and shall address, at a minimum, the cleaning of food contact surfaces of facilities, equipment, and utensils.

(d) The Sanitation SOP’s shall specify the frequency with which each procedure in the Sanitation SOP’s is to be conducted and identify the establishment employee(s) responsible for the implementation and maintenance of such procedure(s).


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