Storage Methods for Different Crops

Segment: 8. Plant Culture & Propagation, Standard: Harvest, handle and store crops. (Technical II.C.5)


The resources you have available to store the produce will dictate what you can plant and when. Different types of storage methods could include cold storage and burlap sacks/bins for potatoes. The cold storage temperatures vary per crop. Cut flowers have a certain process on how they should be kept and hydrated for floriculture projects. Consider looking at the Floriculture CDE contest to learn more. A great way to showcase the food that is being produced at school could be participating in the local farmer’s market in the spring/summer. Doing the farmer’s market program could also provide students with an SAE project in entrepreneurship or placement.


  • Montague FFA Chapter Advisors (farmer’s market program)
  • Floriculture CDE (MI FFA)

Teaching Methods

Demonstration, Field Trip, Resource People, Experiment,  Supervised Study

Tags: agriculture food and natural resources education, curriculum

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