DIY Varroa Mite Wash Jar instructions

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Materials list for mite wash jars

Note: The jars used here are plastic, regular mouth. If you prefer wide mouth, you may have to use glass jars and the appropriate size hole saw.


Tools Needed:


Instructions for cutting hardware cloth:

1. Stack the 2 pieces of scrap wood and use clamps to hold them together.

Scrap wood clamped together on work bench.


2. Use the hole saw with a pilot bit to cut a hole through the top board, while the bottom board prevents drilling into the benchtop.

Hole saw cutting through the top board.


3. Use a screwdriver to remove and discard the circle cut by the hole saw.

Wood cut out being removed from hole saw.


4. Use the snips to cut a strip of hardware cloth that is slightly wider than the diameter of the hole saw.

Hardwire cloth being cut with snips.


5. Fold the strip of hardware cloth accordion style at an interval that matches the width of the strip, so it has multiple layers that are roughly square.

Strip of hardware cloth folded accordion style.


7. Place the folded hardware cloth between top and bottom boards and clamp so folded hardware cloth is centered under hole in top board.

Hardware cloth stack clamped between boards.


8. Remove pilot bit from hole saw. 

Pilot bit being removed from the hole saw.


9. Use hole in top board to guide placement of hole saw and slowly cut through the layers of hardware cloth with the hole saw running in reverse (counterclockwise).

Hole saw lining up to cut the hardware cloth.


10. Remove the cut screen circles from the hole saw with a screwdriver.

Screen circles being removed from the hole saw.


The screen circle is placed inside the jar ring followed by the solid lid. Be careful when handling the mesh screen of the sharp edges the cut wire may have. The ring should then fit snugly on the jar. The provided instructions can be printed and inserted into the jar for storage until needed. 

For more information on varroa mites and alcohol washes, visit


All photos by Dan Wyns. 


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