Eastern bat bug

Eastern Bat Bug

Eastern Bat Bug (Cimex adjunctus)

Bat bugs are ectoparasites of bats and occasionally birds. They resemble bed bugs both in appearance and habit and, in fact, the two cannot be separated without the aid of high power magnification. When bat bugs are found in a home, it is very likely that bats are nesting in the attic or walls, or there are bird nests located directly on the house. Bat bugs will readily bite people, but usually this only occurs when the insect cannot find its preferred host or there are so many of them that a small migration occurs.

Long term control of bat bugs begins with ridding the structure of bats and permanently preventing them from returning. This can be difficult and the services of a reliable pest control company should be considered. Next, the bat roost should be thoroughly sprayed with Bayer Advanced Home (cyfluthrin). Be sure to wear eye goggles and a dust mask. Spray all cracks and crevices because the bat bug uses these as hiding places when it is not feeding. Inside rooms where the bugs are seen can be treated with the same product. The outside of the house should be inspected for bird nests and any found should be removed.

Be sure to read and follow all the instructions and safety precautions found on the pesticide label before using any pesticide.

Eastern Bat Bug Adult Engorged
Eastern Bat Bug (Cimex adjunctus) Adult Engorged
Eastern Bat Bug Adult Head
Eastern Bat Bug (Cimex adjunctus) Adult Head

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