Food Security in a Food Abundant World

January 10, 2016 - Author: , , Sunipa Das Gupta, Dinghuan Hu, KAS Murshid

Minten, B., Reardon, T., Gupta, S. D., Hu, D., & Murshid, K. A. S. (2016). Food Security in a Food Abundant World.


Purpose Ā Wastage and post-harvest losses in food value chains are becoming increasingly debated and policies are being increasingly designed to reduce food wastages. Despite its presumed importance, there is large variation in the importance and type of food losses and wastage. We identify the levels of food wastage at various levels of the potato food chain for three Asian countries.
Methodology/approach Ā Surveys were fielded to better measure the important variation between value chain agents, to capture wastage at each level, to analyze the structure of the value chain, and to evaluate wastage over the whole value chain (except for consumption). We generate data on an important staple in these countries and analyze the importance of waste in domestic rural-urban food value chains, often the most important value chain in these countries.


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